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A Program for the Treatment Of: (Updates coming soon)

  • Performance and Social Anxiety
  • Worry and Distraction
  • Low Self-Esteem and Chronic Doubt
  • Mistrust and Negativity

Meditation in Therapy Meetings

These meditation meetings are held in New York City on a donation basis. Click “Meditation Schedule” to learn more.

Providing Treatment, Assessment, Education, Peer and Therapist Support...

Welcome to Mindful Recovery. The site was launched in March of 2003. My name is Cesar Bujosa. I am the program designer and the site’s host. Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction (MBAR) integrates Mindfulness Meditation and schema-focused Cognitive Therapy to treat disordered anxiety. This site is your workbook on Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction: the Way of Mindful Recovery. You may print out the entire site to create a portable workbook. (If you have any difficulty printing any page, highlight the section and print the selection). Here are answers to 6 simple questions you might have about using Mindfulness Meditation to treat Anxiety:

1. Why learn Mindfulness Meditation?

Recent studies have revealed that Mindfulness Meditation is effective in treating:

  • anxiety disorders
  • depression
  • psoriasis
  • chronic pain

It has shown the ability to boost the immune system and promote longevity. Mindfulness Meditation is currently being used to enhance creativity, dietary-control, and marital satisfaction.

2. Am I just stressed or do I have anxiety?

Though "stress" and "anxiety" are used popularly as synonyms, professionals are clear that the conditions differ. Anxiety Disorders are fear-based disturbances that are commonly triggered by social or financial stressors.

3. What do I need to ask myself?

Am I procrastinating or feeling stuck?
Do I feel habitually anxious or worried?
Do I commonly think about being dismissed, victimized, or judged?

4. What is Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction?

Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction is the application of nonjudgmental-attention to our thoughts, emotions and sensory experience. It employs therapeutic exposure to our core emotional wounds and seeks to interrupt maladjusted modes of coping that sustain unwarranted anxiety.

5. Are there any hazards in practicing Mindfulness for anxiety reduction?

Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction does not replace therapists or psychiatrists. If you have recently endured a serious emotional trauma, been hospitalized for a psychiatric condition or if you have recurrent suicidal thoughts you should consult your mental health provider and Cesar Bujosa about your interest in participating.

6. How do I learn Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction?

There are two things that need to be learned to treat your anxiety with Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction. You must learn the nature of your anxiety which is sustained by avoidant coping reactions and you must learn how to apply Mindful Exposure to treat it. This program provides you with this serviceable knowledge.

The best way to get started is with Phase 1 of the Orientation Section. In the Orientation Section you will learn about the nature and common structure of anxiety disorders. You will be initiated into an understanding of how disordered anxiety starts, how it sustains itself, and how it is treated.

At the end of each phase of Orientation you will be directed to one or several applications of Mindfulness Meditation. I suggest proceeding slowly—perhaps one application per week. These applications are also called Mindful Exposure Treatments.

At times you will be directed to complete some self-assessment inventories. There are 2 inventories that help you learn about ways you might be coping that are inadvertently sustaining your anxiety.

Meditations have audio support. Look in the media section of the site and learn more.

I wish you all well on this venture.