Welcome to the Assessment Home Page. Assessing the nature of our disordered anxiety is critical in directing our Mindful Exposure work.

You will want to identify your Core Schemas and perhaps recall the misfortunes that aided in their formation. These are your emotional wounds and the harming experiences that come with living. This assessment occurs over time as you practice mindful-exposure.

The Assessment process will further lead you to identify maladjusted coping modes -- avoidant and compensatory -- that sustain maladjusted schemas and perpetuate disordered anxiety.

You will find in this Section two important questionnaires. Take all the time you need to complete and evaluate each one. It is vital to remain mindful of the fact that the assessment process is ongoing. Every time you practice being Mindful you will get a glimpse into the impressions life has left upon your mind.

The questionnaires lead you through important doors of understanding. They help surface what maladjusted coping modes are active in your affairs. I, for example, did not know I was over-compensating for many years. This lack of insight was costly.

Using maladjusted coping modes ironically aggravate our anxieties when it is our intention to reduce them. You will see from the questionnaires and their outcome assessments that maladjusted coping behaviors resemble healthy coping behavior. However, they are in fact manifestations of past fears.

After printing the completed questionnaire, come back to this page and go to the corresponding Compensatory Theme or Avoidant Coping Theme on the left.