Welcome to the media library. Here you will find audio support to guide you through the six applications of Mindful Exposure. These audio files have matching scripted-files on the Treatment pages. It is advisable that you first read the written files before using their audio equivalents.

You will need a cable connection to listen to these recordings. Please take advantage of the support. Each audio file may be listened to by 5 people at the same time.

You may also need to download a Windows Media Player if your computer does not already have a copy. We have provided you with the link to do this. If you are having difficulty with audio support please email me and alert me to the problem.

Proceed through assessment and treatment gradually. Give yourself days, weeks or even months. You are interested in cultivating a new way of coping—a new way of being. The insight and the skills developed in this program will last you a life time and should benefit all those whose lives you touch.

Audio Links

  • Mindful Exposure to Well-Being

  • Mindful Exposure to The Present

  • The Adult Imaging Assessment

  • The Vulnerable Child Imaging Assessment

  • Capturing the Inner Critic
  • Contemplating Sayings

  • Interrupting Compensatory Self-Talk

  • Mindful Exposure

  • Misogi Breathing 1

  • Treating Relationships

  • Treating the Inner Child