Preparation for Mindful-Exposure to the Present (2x)

Facilitator: Fearful of being insufficient we are driven to be exceptional.

I practice being neither exceptional nor insufficient.

Facilitator: Fearful of being losers we are driven to win.

I apply being neither winner nor loser.

Facilitator: Fearful of being wrong we are driven to be right.

I practice being neither right nor wrong.

Facilitator: Fearful of being inferior we are driven to be superior.

I apply being neither superior nor inferior.

Facilitator: Caught in the terms of our fears we are helplessly trapped.

Neither one-way nor the other need apply.

Begin Mindful-Exposure to the Present

Mindful-Exposure to the Present

Mindful Exposure to the Present incorporates the suspension of doubt and judgment. No effort is made to resolve an issue or concern. As indicated in the preparatory affirmations, we neither think one way nor the other. We simply witness and accept our experience unquestionably.

When we suspend thoughts and fantasies, we experience an exposure to what we are feeling. This exposure promotes a critically important psychological and emotional adjustment. We adjust to the presence of our emotional wounds and to the reality of our own existence. We let life in, as it is. This is the wisdom-practice associated with Insight Meditation, Zazen and the Way of Mindful Recovery.

This application of mindful-exposure resonates with all the other applications. In the applications that follow you will integrate Mindful Exposure to the Present to assimilate disturbing thoughts and images as well as encouraging ones. Mindful Exposure to the Present is the core of all mindful-exposure practices. Follow the instructions below and be open to further learning where ever you find it.

Instructions: Sit upright. Cast your gaze toward the ground about 4-5 feet in front of you. Begin steady breathing. Gently still your body without allowing yourself to become rigid. Focus your attention on your breath, your sensory experience and your emotional atmosphere. You may anchor your attention to the sensation of air moving through your nostrils. Suspend contemplations, ruminations and imaginings. Remain attentive to the experience of being aware of your breath and physical being. If a thought should capture your attention, acknowledge its nature or theme then return to monitoring your breath and your sensory experience in the present moment.

You May Use Media Support with this application