Preparation for Mindful-Exposure to Well-Being (2X)

Facilitator: Nature rules

I relax control

Facilitator: Nature works

I withdraw all obstructions

Facilitator: Nature provides

I am receptive

Facilitator: Nature restores

I allow my renewal

Facilitator: Nature pervades

I am connected

Facilitator: Nature is ever-well

I let go and let be

Begin Mindful-Exposure to Well-Being

Mindful-Exposure to Well-Being

Instruction: Sit upright. Cast your gaze toward the ground about 4-5 feet in front of you. Begin steady breathing. Gently still your body without allowing yourself to become rigid.

In this application you will identify with the idea that Life Works without your efforts to correct, change or control events. You will address not forming any obstruction to Nature’s tendency to heal or “Self-Regulate.” Think about something that unsettles you like a relationship, health or personal problem. Then expose yourself to the idea that Nature is working to regulate or heal the problem by its own tendency. Expose yourself to the idea that a greater, self-regulating principle is at work. Allow yourself to respond emotionally as you relax any effort to solve the problem.

Then alternately cease your pondering and shift your full attention on to your body and sensory experience. Suspend your contemplations as you focus attention on your breath, body sensations and emotional atmosphere. Accept your experience unquestionably.

Repeat this process throughout the meditation.