Preparation for the Mindful-Relinquishment of Maladjusted Coping Modes (2x)

Facilitator: If I'm exceptional, then I'm OK.

I interrupt longing to be exceptional.

Facilitator: If I'm accepted, then I'm OK.

I interrupt craving acceptance.

Facilitator: If I can predict my future, then I am OK.

I interrupt relying on worry.

Facilitator: If I can escape discomfort, then Iím Ok.

I interrupt dreading discomfort.

Facilitator: If I can always be right, then I'm OK.

I interrupt being judgmental.

Facilitator: Caught in the terms of our fears we are left rigid and fragile.

Neither one-way nor the other need apply.

Begin Mindful-Relinquishment of Maladjusted Coping Modes

Mindful-Relinquishment of Maladjusted Coping Modes

Important Note: Mindful Exposure to the Present is the relinquishment of maladjusted coping modes. However this application identifies specific over-compensations or avoidances and reinforces their relinquishment.

You will focus on one or more of your overcompensation modes in the effort to unseat them. Maladjusted over-compensations are insidious, habitual and reactive. By focusing your full attention to the contemplation of the maladjusted mode, you expose it. The exposure undermines its sway over you.

Instruction: Sit upright. Cast your gaze toward the ground about 4-5 feet in front of you. Begin breathing steadily. Gently still your body without allowing yourself to become rigid.

Then, trigger your maladjusted coping mode by thinking about an issue, situation, event, or person that characteristically leaves you upset or worried. Then get a strong picture of your over-compensatory behavior like Being Judgmental, Being Right, Being Seductive, Being Impressive, Getting Back or Being Worried. Use all means necessary to keep the image of the compensatory mode in your mind. Focus on the mode as you continue to breathe steadily. If you Seek Acceptance, focus fully on the behavior; if you Seek to Be Exceptional, see yourself seeking to be exceptional; if you rely on Being Judgmental, recall the behavior and the feelings associated with being judgmental. You will reactively experience what it is like to not use your maladjusted coping reaction. This will result in the therapeutic exposure of the emotional wound that generally drives the maladjusted mode. Allow yourself to respond emotionally. Tolerate your discomfort, accepting your experience completely.

Intermittently cease the contemplation of your maladjusted coping mode, shifting your full attention on to your breath and sensory experience. Suspend all thoughts and imaginings as you focus on your physical presence, releasing mental and physical tension.

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