Mindful Reunion with the Images of People (2X)

Facilitator: People leave impressions

My mind is populated with the images of people

Facilitator: Images of some people stay with us

I accept the presence of all images

Facilitator: Some images are comforting and some disturbing

I accept my experience completely

Facilitator: Trying to escape an image posses a dilemma

I am the images in my mind

Facilitator: An image can be oppressive

I face the images that would oppress me

Facilitator: Our relationship to an image evolves

I establish resolution with all my images

Begin the Mindful-Reunion with the Images of People

Mindful-Reunion with Images of People

Instruction: Sit upright. Cast your gaze toward the ground about 4-5 feet in front of you. Begin steady breathing. Gently still your body without allowing yourself to become rigid. Imagine yourself as you are-- in mindfulness meditation. Then, introduce the images of significant people. You may introduce and image of yourself, perhaps as a child, your mother, friends or unfriendly people. You will expose yourself to these images according to their role in your inner-life.

You may, for example, invite them to sit with you in meditation enlisting them in your recovery. Or, you may evoke them in some other way you believe appropriate. Bring as few or as many people (images) as you like. As stated, you may select friends or foes. (Note: Because some images are menacing they may need, at first, to be imagined behind a glass wall or restraint in some way to neutralize the sense of threat.)

What is most important is to expose yourself to the presence of these images even as you continue to breathe steadily remaining mindful of the present moment. After sufficient exposure to the images, you will relinquish attending the images and enter Mindful Exposure to the Present. This withdrawal from engaging the images strengthens your “attentional control.” Therefore you will alternate being mindful of the image then fully focusing attention on your practice of mindfulness meditation. Repeat this process throughout this application.

Remember, this application attempts to replicate natural occurrences that characterize the practice of Mindful Exposure to the present and Insight Meditation. When images visit you in Mindful Exposure to the Present, we note them and gently let go of them returning to attending our breath, our body and our state of being.