The Self-Monitoring Format:

The Mindful Recovery Model is a Self-Help approach that cultivates the Practice of Mental Health. Mindfulness and the Radical Acceptance of our emotions provide us with the tools to practice. We harness Mindfulness and Radical Acceptance when we suspend our judgment and look at our emotional experience.

The following five fields of consideration should be used when journaling your notable experiences in the recovery process.

and Sayings

1. Events are the things that happen to us. What others say and do, what occurrences take place are events. However, internal events or feelings that we are reacting to also constitute the field of EVENTS.

2. Thoughts are the way we think about or interpret an event. Thoughts can surface as images and recollections as well. Thus, the field of THOUGHTS is not only our self-talk; it is also the way we reflect on an event.

3. Emotions include both feelings and urges that form from our thoughts. Thus, the field of EMOTIONS incorporates sensations and states of being.

4.Mindful Reflections respond to the question of what is happening to me. The field of Mindful Reflections is used to identify the coping themes and the core schema issues that may be associated with the field of EMOTION.

5. The field of PRINCIPLES AND SAYINGS is use to identify key principles and saying that steer your healthy coping responses. These sayings are derived from your study of Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction and the Way of Mindful Recovery.