Welcome to the Treatment Home Page. On these pages you will learn how to practice the 6 different applications of Mindful Exposure and apply Cognitive Principles.

Mindfulness includes both meditative practices taught in Mindful Exposure and Mindful awareness that occurs between meditation sessions. Thus Mindfulness constitutes both the meditation practice and its application throughout the day. Mindfulness is way of practicing awareness. It entails the Radical Acceptance of what is happening to us experientially. It is not complacency, but being realistic about our emotional wounds. Mindfulness suspends judgmental appraisals of our anxieties. It also enables us to move our attention away from the unrealistic sense of internal threat that characterizes all anxiety disorders.

Cognitive Treatments work with the way we think. Some ways of thinking work our anxiety up. In Mindful Recovery we learn to work it down. Principles and Saying lead us to adopt language and values that help orient our practice of anxiety reduction. We derive principles and sayings from the growing body of work in Mindfulness Based Anxiety Reduction. We bring this wisdom to each other during conversation.

I have jump started the practice by providing a number of sayings that address:

1. How to Aggravate Anxiety

2. How to Reduce Anxiety

3. How to Reduce Conflict

Expand on what you learn by continuous practice and by helping others.

You may also fine the Yoga Postures helpful. Though it is an auxiliary practice, postures can help release rigidity in the body. Improved bearing helps us to breathe more efficiently and promotes general well-being.